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Run Towards A Retreat

The word retreat is commonly used as a verb meaning "running away" or "getting away from". I want to ask my readers to do just the opposite if you have the opportunity to attend a Retreat. I say "RUN"! Run as fast as you can to the computer to register for as many self empowerment retreats as you can. Why? Retreats are refuges. The right retreat can allow you to grow and expand your lives. Retreats are designed as safe places to open up among individuals who seek similar goals.

So this day, I personally invite you to join me for my "Claim It! and Maintain It! Retreat", July 27-29, 2016 in Orlando, Florida at the magnificent Gaylord Palms Resort. Two powerful and comprehensive days of unbundling and living into the greatness of you! Simply click on my website homepage to register. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you, spending amazing time with you and guiding you towards your greatness. Be well.

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